Company profile

ACN Glass solutions is a company based in Cyprus, in Nicosia area. Company’s mission is to supply customers with new innovative products related to the glass industry.

Thanks to our European partners, we can supply our customers worldwide with high quality certified products.

Our vision

We are continuously looking for new solutions that satisfy perfectly all our customer needs and help those making savings.

Our offer

We are offering curved glass products, anti-fog glass solutions, glass hot plates for display constructions. All our products are customized according to our customer dimensions.

Ordering & deliveries

Our customers can contact us by email, tel or use the contact form and send us their project requirements. We can deliver our products in all EU countries as well as outside EU (customer is responsible for customs clearance & duty fees).


Mr Christos Verriopoulos thanks to his experience to the glass industry is the main shareholder of the company

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