Curved Glass


Traditionally, buildings or various constructions with large glass facades had been characterized by many designers and architects as “boxes”. All modern designers of our era are looking for different concepts than the old traditional ones. They design buildings or constructions with curves and rounded edges. The curvature in space is much more “approachable” to the human eye and brain.


Application areas

  • Curved glass for refrigerator display cases
  • Curved glass for bain marie
  • Curved glass for boat wind screens
  • Curved glass for jewelry displays
  • Curved glass for buildings, stairs


Our Offer

Constructors, designers and architects can take advantage of our curved glass range that we offer in order to create unique concepts.
With an experience on curved glass manufacturing for more than 40 years, we can offer to our customers simple or customized curved glass designs.


  • Tempered
  • Simple curves or spherical designs


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